Celebrating Diversity: Teaching Peace Through Picture Books

Friday, March 20, 1:45 - 3:15pm

Amanda Flayer, Founder of la Puerta Abierta Learning Center/Teacher-Educator, La Puerta Abierta
Children’s books are a powerful tool for teachers, parents and community leaders to use when exploring themes of culture and diversity with youth. Teaching our children to celebrate diversity, embrace our differences and acknowledge our similarities is more important now than ever as we prepare our children to enter the world as empathetic, mindful, confident and curious individuals who will grow into global citizens.

Discussing issues of race, culture, equality, social justice and identity can be sensitive and complicated for both young people and adults. Children’s books are versatile tools to introduce meaningful topics to all individuals, both young and old.

Participants will learn best practices for sharing cultural picture books with young audiences, explore how to connect the stories to stimulating dialog and extension activities and practice how to truly listen to the opinions, thoughts, feelings and ideas of our youth.