Digital Organizing as a Tool for Social Change

Saturday, March 21, 10:15 - 11:45am

Sophia Bautista, Youth Organizer, March for Our Lives Fresno
Yasmin Mendoza, Youth Organizer, March for Our Lives Fresno
Sophia Bautista and Yasmin Mendoza of March for Our Lives Fresno will be speaking about digital mobilizing as the primary and most effective tool for social change in this age of activism. Social media such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are different animals, but they have many things in common. Social media is inherently grassroots, equalizing the playing field as individuals (such as gutsy teenagers) can organize without needing traditional resources such as money, and there are no restraints in terms of geographic borders. They will be outlining ways to use social media effectively and genuinely, such as how to increase engagement, knowing which platform to use, and how to be intersectional through an interactive Socratic seminar.