Keynote: Peace through Conversation

Friday, March 20, 3:30 - 5pm

Tracy Hollister, Program Engagement Partner, Living Room Conversations
In our deeply polarized political environment, words have become swords. The words we hear about ourselves and the words we may say about the “other side” do not exactly conjure up feelings or images of peace. Fearing the discomfort and pain of harsh words, many of us avoid or are reluctant to have conversations with those who may disagree with us. But what if we learned how to have warm, open conversations across our differences and leave feeling appreciated and respected? Tracy Hollister, Program Engagement Partner with Living Room Conversations, will start her presentation by asking us a few questions about how we feel politically and how hopeful we feel about being able to talk across divides. She will then share the story of her journey from being self-righteous and separated to being curious and connected. Tracy will describe how she made this transformation and the tools she learned along the way, including those from Living Room Conversations. Then she will engage us by asking us to model a mini-Living Room Conversation at our tables, explaining the purpose of and rationale behind each element along the way. Audience members will leave feeling greater hope and confidence in their ability to talk across differences.