Karl Anthony

Karl Anthony

Speaker, Songwriter, Advocate for the Arts In Heathcare | Karl Anthony Music

An author, speaker and professional singer, Anthony speaks and performs for care givers and audiences all over the world in the new and advancing health and wellness field. His song titled, Hold The Sky is inspired by a seven year old cancer patient who eagerly came up with the title. Singing at children’s hospital is where you will find Anthony when he is not on tour.

Karl Anthony is what they call a word man, his lyrics are personal yet universal. A prolific songwriter, Anthony does not take the traditional entertainment industry path. He instead creates anthems of hope and sees music as a way to alleviate pain when we are most vulnerable and he also sees music as the perfect medicine when it is time to celebrate.

He is an advocate for the arts in healthcare and a member of the National Organization of Arts in Health. Anthony is also part of a team of dedicated musicians and art professionals at Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego.

Anthony says, “Art and music are powerful tools which comfort and opens us, allowing human connection to flourish and be nourished. It is that human connection which contributes to the healing.”

Anthony has received several Gandhi/King Season For Nonviolence Peace Hero Awards for his humanitarian efforts and innovative outreach work internationally. Each year he leads service trips to Thailand where participants not only experience the culture, they are able to support local orphanages, disability centers, rehab hospitals and even an elephant rescue sanctuary.

As I mentioned, Anthony does not take the traditional entertainment industry path. He believes life is better with music, and he has a world of experiences to prove it. Learn more about Karl Anthony at karlanthony.com


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