Lynn MacMichael

Lynn MacMichael

Activist | Youth Homes Foster Kids

In 1969 Lynn MacMichael moved to to California after returning from work in Zambia, East Africa, Mysore, India and a full bright program in Japan. She then taught African Studies, Asian Studies and Peace Studies at Diablo Valley College until her retirement in 1998. While teaching at the college Lynn would take half the year off to work in Central America during the Contra War in Nicaragua and El Salvador. Beginning in 1984 she focused on peace work in the Middle East, including in Israel, the Occupied Territories and Gaza. Lynn also worked in Iraq with the Fellowship of Reconciliation and Voices for Creative Non Violence.

Lynn’s work with the American Friends Service committee during the Vietnam war included participation in a “peace navy” and other non-violent actions. During that same time, she was “mom” to several Vietnamese children who lived with her while awaiting and recovering from surgeries in the U.S. She also spent her summers working with Cesar Chavez and Delores Huerta in the Central Valley’s United Farmworkers Union.

More recently, Lynn has organized against the nuclear arms race, including the Trident Nuclear Submarines in Seattle while continuing to work on issues of peace here at home. For the past 13 years Lynn and her husband have worked and lived with Youth Homes Foster Kids, raised guide dogs for Canine Companions for Independence, helped organize the Crosses of Lafayette and addressed issues surrounding non-documented immigrants here in California.


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