Nicholas Domingo

Nicholas Domingo

Co-Executive Director | Captain Encouragement

Nicholas Domingo is a 28 year old business strategist, entrepreneur, Motivational speaker, children’s book writer and philanthropist obsessed with making strides towards creating a better tomorrow.

His story started in Ridgely Missouri, a town with a population of 64 people, growing up working random odd jobs. In his early career, he was a senior managing member of a real estate firm, buying companies and helping various startups in fields ranging from new products to newspaper comic strips.

Nicholas briefly stepped into the acting and modeling scene, doing numerous shoots, and has been seen on various shows including the Thundermans on Nickelodeon and The Arsenio Hall Show. He has dedicated his life to launching a very successful non-violence and resiliency oriented 501(c)(3) that has been featured in The Boston Globe, The Rotarian Magazine, The Kansas City Star and The Union Democrat Newspaper. Through this program he has stretched his legs into children’s book writing, live musical theatre (writing, promoting and live acting), curriculum development and more. He continues to travel the country to get the word out about this program, visiting and speaking with Rotary clubs, children’s hospitals, performing at elementary schools, libraries and other organizations. He will continues to work day and night until he works himself out of a job and we see an end to violence, bullying and suicide.

His other adventures range from serving as board advisor for various organizations, taking part in the 11 day, 14 city Rotary “Connecting for Good” tour that spanned across Washington, Oregon, California and Arizona, coaching special Olympics for The Tuolumne County Ravens (go Ravens!) and attending every Wednesday to help where he can in his favorite service organization based in his new home of Twain Harte, Twain Harte Rotary.

Still a competitive athlete being a 2-time world outhouse racing champion, winning both the 2015 and 2016 outhouse race finals. Yes, they are real, come check them out! The thirst for knowledge, inspiration and a desire to connect with thought leaders and create the real life justice league for shaping a better future continues to drive him crazy in a good way!


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