Reza Nekumanesh

Reza Nekumanesh

Executive Director | Islamic Cultural Center of Fresno

In addition to serving as the Executive Director of the Islamic Cultural Center of Fresno, Hajj Reza Nekumanesh serves as the Chair of the Clergy Caucus of Fresno, as a Board Member of the largest interfaith organization in California, Faith in the Valley, as the General Secretary of the Central Valley Islamic Council (an organization consisting of more than 50 Muslim leaders in the Central Valley working for unity and cooperation) and as a member of the Shi’a Council of Southern California, the Human Rights Coalition of the Central Valley, the Mayor’s Faith Based Cabinet, the Police Chief’s Community Advisory Board, and as a sitting member of another half dozen interfaith and social justice organizations.

Reza is continually engaging local, city, county and state leaders and officials fighting for the betterment of all communities. He also conducts cultural literacy training for police, sheriffs, highway patrol, mental and behavioral health professionals, educators and administrators, and religious leaders throughout California. Because of his efforts, in 2018, he was chosen as the “Way of Peace” awardee by the Fresno Center for Non-Violence.

Since its opening 15 years ago, the Islamic Cultural Center of Fresno (ICCF) has been a beacon of interfaith cooperation and social justice work in our city. ICCF has made it a mission to promote a true, un-distorted, and peaceful image of Islam and Muslims and denounce and distance Islam from those who choose to use its name to act in violence. The Center regularly hosts interfaith gatherings, meetings, and conferences, and invites leaders of all faiths and community organizations to address their congregants. ICCF is open for the entire community regardless of one’s faith or lack thereof and they uphold and adhere to a mantra that can be found throughout: “Come as you are and go as you are, no one here will try to change you.”

Reza received his M.A. in Islamic Leadership from Bayan College of Claremont-Lincoln University and his B.A. in Philosophy and Religious Studies from California State University, Fresno. His is currently working on a Certificate in Public Theology and Social Justice at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley.


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