Tracy Hollister

Tracy Hollister

Program Engagement Partner | Living Room Conversations

Tracy Hollister is a conversational bridge builder who increases understanding across divides by creating programs where people can get to know and like each other and decrease their negative stereotypes of each other. On staff at Living Room Conversations, Tracy leads Zoom-based conversations which allow people from across the country to experience this tool and take it back to their communities. In late 2019, Tracy orchestrated a bi-partisan Living Room Conversation on immigration which was featured on and created a few live trainings on talking politics with family over the holidays. You can learn more about Tracy and other staff members here.

Since 2012, Tracy has evolved from “self-righteous” to “curious” by intentionally engaging in dialogue with her sociopolitical “others.” She was featured in a documentary that humanized those from both sides of the same-sex marriage debate. She wrote about her first Living Room Conversation on that same issue in the Huffington Post (and picked up by other publications) and a chapter in the book The People’s Victory.

Tracy received her Masters in Public Policy from Duke University in 1996 with the intent of making a difference in the world. For nearly two decades, she has been a public speaker about one type of peace or another including: 1) ways to increase one’s inner peace using cognitive-behavioral tools; and 2) ways to build understanding and adopt peaceful attitudes toward others through conversation.


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