The Rights of Nature

Friday, October 26, 10:30am - Noon

Annie Dobbs-Kramer, Community Organizer, North Bay Organizing Project
This presentation will explore the framework of the Rights of Nature in the specific context of Sonoma County, Ca, which is in a post fire ecology.

The Rights of Nature identifies ecosystems and natural communities not merely as property, but as entities that have an independent right to exist and flourish. Laws recognizing the rights of nature thus transform the status of natural communities and ecosystems from things to be owned into rights-bearing entities with privileges that can be enforced by people, governments, and communities.

With the growing understanding that we are intricately connected to our local ecosystem comes a deep responsibility to protect nature, and by extension our communities. The firestorms which hit Sonoma County in 2017 indelibly concretized climate change for our community. How do we heal our whole community? How do we use the post fire space to deepen our connections with one another and our earth? How do we emerge more resilient and whole?